In African Institution of Technology (AFRIT), our goal is to invent the Next Africa by developing the economic layer through strong education and support of technology diffusion. AFRIT, registered in the United States with Federal ID # 001024699 and a United States Internal Revenue Service 501(3)c charity, was founded by Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe while a doctoral student in the Johns Hopkins University.

We are working towards setting up top educational institutions in Africa. We conduct research works and earn income in the process from clients. All earned incomes are invested in supporting our educational programs.  This is what we work for:

“to be an advocate of emerging technology penetration into African economies where they can use the tools to create wealth and prosperity. We are change agents to position Africa to survive the new technology era by helping partners innovate, differentiate and compete internationally. We are working to seed a new generation of technical leaders from Africa.”