AFRIT Offers Cybersecurity Training Scholarships to African Professionals and Students

Summary: African Institution of Technology (AFRIT) is offering Cybersecurity Training Scholarships to African Professionals and Students. It is working in partnership with First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute, Pittsburgh USA ( which runs an online cybersecurity training portal.


Program Description:  The Facyber Cybersecurity  Training is anchored around four key pillars of cybersecurity policy, management, technology and digital forensics and structured across Certificate, Diploma and Nanodegree programs. This implies that they cover all the core needs of any learner, organization or state institution. While learners like corporate lawyers may require training on policy, some like IT managers may need technical skills. Others like business leaders will find the management module useful. We have something for everyone.

The program curriculum is thus: certificate programs take 12 weeks; diploma programs which require certificate programs as perquisites take 12 weeks and the nanodegree programs which require a live (physical) one week training in Lagos or Nairobi with the diploma programs as prerequisites.

Scholarship: Through AFRIT, Facyber is offering 50% scholarship discount to any professional or student that uses coupon code learn during payment. To register, visit mobile-friendly and register. Then make the payment. Facyber supports many payment options including Paypal, credit, debit and bank transfer. With the scholarship, the final fees are:

  • Certificate Program (Online 12 weeks, after scholarship discount, $50 or N20k in Nigeria)
  • Diploma Program (Online 12 weeks, after scholarship discount, $150 or N60k in Nigeria)
  • Nanodegree Program (Live 1 week, after scholarship discount, $800 or N320k in Nigeria)

Curriculum:  The programs curricula are very detailed; click here (PDF) for  details. A sample curriculum is provided for Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy. Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy deals with the policy analysis and implementation aspects of cybersecurity. It presents theory and topical issues, at government and enterprise levels, with both technical and managerial components in the fields of information systems security. The program helps learners develop skills on the policy, ethical, and legal issues associated with cybersecurity and information security. The program covers the following over 12 weeks

Week 1 – Structure of Information Systems
Week 2 – Information Systems & Networks Vulnerabilities
Week 3 – Foundations of Cybersecurity
Week 4 – SMAC & BYOD Security
Week 5 – Preventing Cyber Intrusions
Week 6 – Evaluating Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

Week 7 – Ethics in Information Technology
Week 8 – Security Policy Analysis
Week 9 – Security Policy Implementation
Week 10 –Global Cybersecurity Policy & Law
Week 11 – Enterprise Cybersecurity Policy
Week 12 –Exam

Certificate of Completion: At the end of a successful program, a learner will receive a certificate that looks thus.facyber-certificate-sample

Contacts: Audrey Kumar, Director, Learning Innovation |